Working as a global tribe

When the pandemic hit in early 2020, our work focus was redirected toward development projects. One of these projects aimed to harmonize customer service practices throughout Lindström, and to deepen the cooperation between different country teams. The work was done in a virtual team, combining people with similar roles in various regions to benchmark best practices and discuss how our overall way of working could be further improved.

Working with such a diverse team in an agile way has been very exciting. For me, the best part was the collaboration between various disciplines, types of expertise, and regions, which gave me many valuable insights. The collaboration also encouraged me to look at topics from other points of view, and to rethink my own ways of working. It helped me to improve as a professional, and to increase my understanding of a wide range of topics related to customer service –including, of course, how to serve our customers even better in the future.

Tapan Shah, Regional Customer Service Manager, India |

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