Lindström customers reflect on “What is CX at its best?”

Lindström CX Day on October 2019 brought together a wide variety of businesses. We asked them, how do they keep their customers happy and coming back.

Tero Thynell, Hotel and Marketing Manager at Klaus K.

Tero Thynell, Hotel and Marketing Manager at Klaus K:

Smooth customer experience begins with communication. The customers have to know what they are buying. For example, Klaus K clearly explains what we stand for and what our products and services are like. The next step is to walk the talk.

How does customer experience relate to sustainability then? In our field sustainability is very important, especially for younger customers. Therefore, it pays to clearly show your commitment to equality, for example. Furthermore, the entire supply chain must be not only sustainable but also transparent.

Jenni Määttä, Quality Director at Forenom:

Jenni Määttä, Quality Director at Forenom.

Good service flow is essential. Good customer experience is the result of being able to meet and exceed customer expectations. The best customer experience is carefully fostered over the years.

How can people be motivated to put their best efforts on better customer experience? I would say feedback is essential. Everyone has to know how they succeed in their jobs. When an employee feels properly responsible for their work, it inevitably translates into a better customer experience.



Minna Väätäinen, Experience Manager at Finnair:

Minna Väätäinen, Experience Manager at Finnair,.

On the B2B side, trust and transparency are particularly important. The customer must know exactly what they are getting and that the service or product is fully sustainable. And, in fact, the same goes on the B2C side. No matter who and where your customers are, keep your services smooth! Nobody wants to spend their time on things that should have been thought through on behalf of the customer.

Yaron Nadbornik, CPO at Sato.

Yaron Nadbornik, CPO at Sato:

The best customer experience is seamless and easy. Sometimes, it can mean other things as well. For instance, IKEA furniture are a big hit even though one might assume people do not really want to assemble them. However, putting them together brings some added value to customers, such as an affirmation of resourcefulness. This is a good example of how you have to find that certain special appeal to customers.


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