Lindström clothes about one million employees every day. Besides workwear services, we offer services for mats, hygiene products, hotel and restaurant textiles, industrial wipers, and personal protection equipment.

We are responsible for the quality and product safety of all our products. The most important thing in producing quality is to identify the customer’s need and provide a solution to that need. The need may be, for example, the safeguarding of processes with the hygiene of work clothes or the safeguarding of personnel with protective clothing and protective equipment. Quality does not mean, however, only the technical features of the products, but also that we act reliably and guarantee the smooth operations of our customers by keeping the agreed delivery times.

Everyone at Lindström influences, by their own work, the quality of our customers’ experience.

Top quality washing results for demanding needs

We use washing programs that make the garments hygienic, so they are suitable, for example, for the food industry, where the main task of the workwear is to protect foodstuffs. We also wash a significant amount of heavy-duty industrial clothing, the most important feature of which is to protect the employee.
We are continuously developing our washing processes to improve the durability of fabrics in washing.

For example, an excessively high pH value and certain laundry chemicals can consume the reflection surface of the reflectors on work clothes easily. That is why we are looking for chemicals and washing methods that cause less wear in the fabrics so they remain usable and safe for our customers for longer.

Check our Our Quality Assurance Manual, containing all of our product groups. We are well-versed in the demanded markings and certifications for products in different countries and industries, such as personal protective equipment, and we only offer suitable products to our customers.


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