We care – spread out the joy of learning

Engaged employees are our key to success. Our way of working ensures we take care of each other, our customers and our partners.

“Taking care” means implementing concrete actions but it also requires specific skills. That’s why in 2018 we started our own We Care leadership program for our management to coach and lead with heart. We encourage our employees – across all countries in which we operate – to stay curious and develop their own skills. Here are two great examples of our internal training programs: one focusing on learning soft skills, the other on the hard skills of selling.

Soft skills: enhancing the customer experience in India

Amidst the intense competition in artificial intelligence and robotics in today’s world, it is still important to develop soft skills – people, social and communications skills. As part of our We Care leadership program, our Indian team held an enthusiastic gathering to learn what it takes to exceed our customers’ expectations. The participants were a diverse group from different positions which elevated the possibilities for cross-functional learning.

The training module was comprised of a fast-track course touching upon important topics such as developing and excelling individually, managing work relationships, and team building through cooperative activities. In soft skill training, building trust is extremely important, enabling the participants to feel comfortable. The learning has even continued beyond the course; participants were invited to a group chat for discussing and sharing ideas on how to fully utilize their learnings in daily work.

Hard skills: sharing what works in Russia

Our Russian team strongly believes that sharing knowledge is the best way to learn. Back in 2016, we launched a pilot where experienced and well-known mat and workwear sellers were engaged to newly recruited sales people. Two programs were launched: “King of mats” and “Best of workwear.” During the past two years, 80% of all newcomers in Russia have participated in these trainings.

Strong results encouraged us to expand the idea, and the new “Educational Alliance” program was born. We gathered around 40 applicants from all around Russia to hare their priceless experiences, and we divided them into four groups:

1) Trainers: those, who already have experience in conducting trainings and support the development of new ones – for example, our VP Russia Nikolay Stotyka is creating “Management in Lindström” training.

2) Facilitators: our trainers-to-be, who do not have the right skills yet – and that’s why we start with games that build skills and facilitating brainstorming sessions.

3) Moderators: developers of online video-lessons – or vlogs – that are available through our internal online platforms.

4) Coaches: those who coach the sales people in our global and local sales trainings.

We are excited to see how this shared knowhow enhances our operations throughout Russia. Sharing knowledge is a great way to show we care for each other – don’t you think?

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