Strategy 2025: We Care – We Shine – We Grow

In early 2020, we launched our Strategy 2025. Our business continues to be dedicated to making our customers’ lives easier and to strengthening their image through textile services. At the core of our business is our commitment to care for our people and our planet, based on the sustainable, circular-economy business model, with conceptualized operations in 24 countries. Although our service offering varies from country to country, our conceptualized operations ensure that we offer the same reliable and sustainable textile rental services to all our customers, while meeting the specific hygiene and safety requirements of different industries.

During the next five years, our quest is to become a forerunner in enabling our customers to become more sustainable with easy-to-use textile services, offered with passion and a human touch. We focus on deepening our understanding of the industries we serve. Truly understanding each of our customer’s specific needs empowers us to share our extensive sector-specific knowledge of global and local markets. Our customers will become more sustainable as we improve the sustainability of our own operations – including textile waste recycling. Being easy-to-use includes digitalizing our services for improved transparency, optimized textile volumes, and self-service for our customers. Long-term customer relationships, responsibility, enthusiasm and the joy of learning, and profitable growth are the values that guide all our customer relationships.

A challenging start

Our Strategy 2025 was put to the test almost immediately after it launched when the entire world was hit with the COVID-19 pandemic. The work to adjust our group strategy at the regional level was conducted in a rapidly changing environment, which tested the endurance and resilience of both our employees and our strategic choices. However, the future direction of the company proved to be the right one, resulting in new openings for us in a global marketplace that was experiencing a sudden, heightened need for hygienic, reliable, and transparent services.

Our strategy will come to life in every Lindströmers’ actions. The first year of the strategy has been about creating awareness of the choices made, and about encouraging all to act in implementing its different themes in their daily work. Cooperating across roles and countries for the good of our customers – with special emphasis on the sustainability of our services and products – has definitely gotten off to a good start.

Strategy highlights 2020

  • Both our textile care workers in our laundries and our team members on the factory floor in our Prodem operations have maintained the
    quality of their daily work on the frontlines of our services throughout the pandemic. Hundreds of Lindströmers have kept our services up and running for our customers – many of whom operate in such critically important sectors as healthcare and the pharma industry – and have contributed significantly to maintaining and enhancing our reputation as a reliable partner and very capable company.
  • We have launched more sustainable products and services for our customers, such as the ECO design mats, with yarn made entirely out of recyclable PET bottles, and the Reusable Face Mask Service to safeguard our customers’ employees from the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • We have made major leaps in bringing RFID-based transparency to workwear and cleanroom services that enable our customers to save time and money through optimized textile volumes and garment allocation management.
  • We have opened our new world-class laundry in Bradford, UK, which is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that guarantees the most sustainable and ecologically friendly wiper service for our customers.
  • We have acquired the Chinese operations of Cintas to offer our customers even more innovative and sustainable solutions in rental textiles.
  • We have improved the customer experience with virtual touchpoints, such as the eLindström customer service platform, and enhanced ways of supporting our digital sales, resulting in strong customer satisfaction – a Net Promoter Score of 45 and a Voice of Customer Index 8,5 – despite the challenging year.
  • We have offered our customers the possibility to discover future trends and discuss their impacts as part of our customer care (Lindström Lounge innovation workshops & community) as well as prepared to launch Lindström Lounge internationally.
  • We have opened a new workwear factory, Prodem Hungary Ltd in Kazincbarcika, Hungary, to produce orders based only on customer
    needs and demands, to serve our Central and Southeastern European customers better.
  • We have increased the percentage of recycled textiles by entering into agreements with several companies to upcycle or recycle textile waste, for example in Russia and Finland.
  • We have strengthened our subsidiaries’ capabilities to cross-order textiles to reduce excess stock and prevent obsolete stock.
  • We have introduced and communicated the updated Code of Conduct to all employees, suppliers, and partners, to ensure fair employment and equal treatment of people throughout our operations.

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