Lindström delivers and maintains new returnable shopping bags for K-Supermarket Hertta

K-Supermarket Hertta has begun using returnable shopping bags provided by Lindström, with the aim of dispensing with up to one million plastic bags a year. A total of 10,000 bags will be used. The shopping bags are available from the check-out for a five euro deposit.

“Many of Hertta’s customers are environmentally aware and have requested new ways of reducing plastics. I wanted to offer a completely new option as a shopping bag. The advantage of a deposit-based shopping bag is that it can be returned to the store and the deposit reclaimed when the bag is no longer needed,” says Markus Ranne, the retailer at K-Supermarket Hertta.

According to the K-Group’s survey, Ruokailmiöt 2019, 31% of Finns intend to reduce their use of plastics next year. “If all 10,000 bags were used for say, two shopping trips a week during the year, over a million plastic bags could be saved,” Ranne explains.

The bags are made of highly wear-resistant fabric and are washed and checked in Lindström’s laundry every time before they are returned to the store. This ensures that the bags remain in use for as long as possible.

“Our washing process enables the use of the minimum water and energy when washing the bags. If, for example, Hertta’s returnable shopping bags were washed 30,000 times in a year, 11.9 million glasses of drinking water could be saved compared to water consumption by washing machines at home,” says Ilkka Eskola, Sales Manager at Lindström.


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