​​Cost- efficiency. Control. Optimization. These are the types of words that management might describe the benefits of FlowAbility Hotel Textile Solution being. But Flowability does not end with these cold and hard words.

Day running smoothly. No stress. Freshness. Employees and customers smiling and laughing. How can Flowability Hotel Textile Solution make your day even more perfect?

Happy customers and happy employees

A small smart RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag is placed inside the seam of the textile, which means that the textiles can be read and followed. You can now be aware of the amount, lifetime and quality of the textile. The tag is so small, that the customer won’t even notice it while having the perfect night sleep.

The customer is always the key. With the help of FlowAbility Hotel Textile Solution, customer satisfaction is higher, because the hotel never runs out of textiles and technology makes sure that sheets and towels are always in perfect condition. When housekeepers save time, their satisfaction towards work also increases. The work amount is not too heavy, and the steps are saved. Happy employee, happy company.

Perfect amount and quality

The proactive nature of the service makes sure that the number of textiles is always up to date. Not too much, and not too little. You can react before a crisis happens, which means you will never run out of textiles. Could you imagine a worse nightmare?

Now there’s no need for housekeeping workers to order extras. Saving space when there’s no need to keep a lot of extras always available, while also increasing cleanliness and tidiness for everyone. Textiles are also easier to keep hygienic since they are not resting on the shelves forever. Minimalism is even a trend now. Increased tracking and reporting make sure that the quality of textiles is always top-notch, saving management from a lot of grey hairs.

FlowAbility Hotel Textile Solution knows how much you have in storage, when is the next delivery date, and how much has been ordered. Fewer deliveries are needed, making the employees happier and saving everyone’s time and cost. Having fewer deliveries is also a more sustainable choice, making the planet happier as well.

All these different features of FlowAbility Hotel Textile Solution lead up to a perfect day while making your business even more successful in a sustainable way.

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