​FlowAbility might sound like a confusing word, but in all simpleness, the aim is to help to create your perfect day.  

A perfect day. Imagine it. There can be millions of variations, millions of dreams, million ways of a perfect day becoming a reality. What does a perfect day mean for you?

This is just one example of what a perfect day could look like. We hope that this perfect day of a housekeeper could become the reality for as many workers as possible, with the help of the new technology of FlowAbility Hotel Textile Solution. What really does it mean, and how does it benefit a worker during the workday?

Everything in place and order

Coming to work and realizing that textiles are here. Relieved. The number of textiles is exactly what is required, so there is no need to worry about inventory. Can’t imagine inventory being a part of anybody’s perfect day. It takes time, can be dull and frustrating, and there is always a lot of room for human error. Storage is also now tidy and neat, so you can have a satisfying Konmari moment.

And you will never face the worst nightmare for housekeeping. Running out of textiles. Ordering textiles isn’t a part of your weekly routine anymore, everything happens now perfectly automatically, saving your precious time. FlowAbility Hotel Textile Solution knows how much you have in storage, when is the next delivery date, and how much have been ordered. Done.

Save time

Having a relaxed cup of coffee while checking the next delivery date of textiles. Fewer delivery dates are now needed, saving the time for the delivery personnel as well as for housekeeping. You can also smile wider because the planet is now feeling a bit lighter and happier.

You always know where the textiles are located. Not having to use time and energy on trying to find lost items, running around the building.  Just sit back, relax and see the location from your table. Your perfect day can continue without any pain points.

Be happy

Having a good day and wanting to spread it around you. With the extra time, noticed to be up to half an hour during an average workday, you can write a note for your customer delighting their day. The small things really matter. Reacting fast and easily to changes and enjoying the automatic order process of textiles. Everything is always up to date.

A hotel guest smiling and nodding at you thankfully, noticing the efficient change of sheets in perfect condition. The words “Good afternoon” flow out your mouth naturally and cheerfully, without having to force it. Dreaming as sweetly as the satisfied customers do.

Imagine things flowing smoothly. Imagine all the extra effort just washing away. Imagine your perfect day. ​

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