I remember, when I joined Lindström, I could feel our caring culture from day one. That made me very happy. I could sense a clear mission and values, lived by all the leaders and our employees.

For me caring is creating deeper bonds for positive working relationships. I love to talk about personal life, celebrate successes and use words like ‘’thanks’’ with my colleagues, for example. This is how I support their work and show interest in their wellbeing.

Our We Care culture has inspired me to become a better person: more humble, soft-spoken and friendly. Today, I am more patient and caring as a person towards my family and friends than ever before. Although I may stay away from my parents due to work commitments, but I have never forgotten to call them daily for last 15 years. I aspire to be the best colleague, the best friend and the best father.

In this company, I can be myself. Lindstrom is like a second family to me, caring for its employees equally. I am deeply touched by the humility reflected by the leadership team and the employees of our company. I think this has helped me to become a better employee and a better person.

In terms of our four Lindström values, I feel “Responsibility” can be associated with our We Care culture. I think Lindstrom is more responsible and caring towards its employees, reflecting the same responsibility and care for all our suppliers and customers. We also take into consideration the impact our operations have in our planet. This makes our We Care culture full of life.


Vikas Badakoty, Customer Service Manager, India |


Helping and caring makes life warmer and more colorful

I have felt the warmness and welcome from Lindström since the first day I came to work. Everybody is friendly, helpful and always helps me to learn and develop myself forward. I have learned from them how to show caring to other people.

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