How do megatrends affect our business practices?

Many megatrends affect us as our customers’ behaviour and expectations change. People first, speed and comfort are megatrends that are important to our customers. Read here how they affect our business practices.



Noticeable trends

People first

Employee satisfaction and well-being is very important for businesses. Competition for the best employees has increased, and employees’ views are increasingly appreciated in the decision-making and developing of operations.

What this means to us?

We improve the safety and comfort of our customers’ employees. We need to understand the priorities of our customers in different industries; safety is always important and its role is emphasized in, for example, the manufacturing industry. On the other hand, in the service industry, the uniform appearance of employees and the satisfaction of facility users play an important role. The most important thing for us is to identify the customer’s need and provide a solution.


People are waiting for things to happen faster and more effortlessly than ever before. Orders are to be made available immediately, and customers expect the service provider to be able to react quickly to any changes.

What this means to us?

We are continuously developing our services so that we can better meet the changing needs of our customers quickly and flexibly. For example, we have packaged the delivery times for our services so that the customer can choose the option that suits their needs.

In addition, we launched our own workwear production in Europe, which enables us to respond more quickly to changing customer needs.


People are expecting for things to happen when and where they want. Both consumers and employees are looking for more comfort. They choose service providers who offer the most convenient services and who value their time management.

What this means to us?

We offer and develop solutions that make our customers’ everyday lives easier. For others, it can be seen as faster repaired trousers, for others, as signing contracts electronically or as a flexible service. We have developed the eLindstrom portal together with our customers to make it easy and comfortable to use. Our customer service will also be switching more to the channels our customers wish to use.


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