We at Lindström want to change the world and make it a better place. And we have a very long history of acting fair and responsibly backing this  statement. Being mindful of the past, we are also looking towards the future to identify new areas in which we can still innovate and improve.

We strongly believe in what we say and are focused on making it a reality. One key part is living by our high standards and values, which will continue to guide us throughout the coming decades. This approach is materializing in many positive ways that are visible in our company culture.

We’re focused on creating an environment filled with respect, positivity, and potential for success by empowering and developing our people. This means setting direction together and exchanging constant feedback,” says Kirsi Aropaltio, Head of Human Resource Management.

Be open, accept everyone

We want to give our current and future employees equal opportunities to develop their skills and careers. That is why our recruitment system is very transparent and unbiased. Still, we constantly look for ways to innovate.

“The latest initiative we have joined is the ‘Work does not discriminate’ campaign organized by the Confederation of Finnish Industries. Our values compel us to eliminate any type of discrimination in the workplace and create an environment of equality for people, no matter their age, sex, ethnicity, nationality, opinions, religious beliefs or sexual orientation,” explains Kirsi Aropaltio.

The campaign is aimed at developing our people across the company ladder. Accordingly, it pushes us as individuals to critically examine our own actions and conduct if we genuinely make progress towards equality in our daily work. But it is also about promoting diversity in our workplace, as we believe this fuels creative thinking, understanding different perspectives and continuous learning.

The expansion of this diverse culture and atmosphere of respect is enabled by constantly challenging our assumptions and traditional way of doing things. Our approach enables us to identify flaws that were previously unnoticed. For example, we no longer request the age of job applicants, as in reality it has no real importance. We strongly believe in working together and opening ourselves to the diversity present all around. This drives us towards identifying or inventing new, creative ways of making days exciting – for us, our clients, consumers and the world.

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