Every action to fight against climate change counts – Lindström takes part to Big Deal campaign in Finland

Lindström takes part to Big Deal campaign organized and administered by S Group – Finnish network of companies operating in the retail and service sectors. The goal of the Big Deal campaign is to mitigate climate change by reducing climate warming carbon emissions by one million tonnes by 2030. A million tonnes is a big deal: it equals 8,000,000 trips by car from Helsinki to Rovaniemi (situated 700 km up North in Lappland) or the annual carbon footprint of 100,000 people in Finland. All S Group partners are invited to join the campaign.

We at Lindström commit to this campaign by optimizing our energy efficiency, increasing the utilization of textile waste and improving continuously new services enabling the reduction of environmental impacts. Our most significant environmental impacts comes from washing and disposal of textiles. Our goal is to increase water and energy consumption and to increase the utilization of textile waste. We also continuously develop new services to reduce environmental impacts. As an example, new digital solutions make it possible to follow the consumption of cotton towel rolls in public toilets and replace the towel with a clean one only after the towel roll is fully used. This way we wash the towel only when needed.

We challenge you to participate!

Every one of us can take part in the battle against climate change and that is why we also want to challenge our own employees and customers to make personal commitments! On the S Group’s Big Deal page you will find more options to help yourself reduce emissions.

Let’s work together to make a Big Deal! What could you personally promise to do fight the climate change?


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