I’ve had sustainable living in my heart as long as I can remember. The main reason why I have chosen to live my life in the way I do is that I want to leave our planet in a better situation than it is for future generations. A lot of it is also my desire to stay healthy. This means eating clean food and living in a clean environment which I see a crucial part of that.

I see that raising awareness about using services (no matter what) instead of buying – and promoting a circular economy is better for our future and our planet. Especially as textile waste topics are now finally in focus. I’m proud that my values are aligned with Lindtröm’s. I’m inspired by our business model itself and the way we are moving towards 100% recyclability. It means less consuming, more usage of everything, repairing and prolonging the life of textiles – and after they’ve lived their purpose, we give it a new one. At the same time, it means finding new ways for future solutions in the textile business. I’m very excited for the future ahead.

Personally, I try to avoid any unnecessary buying and I choose to buy less. I buy quality clothes that last for a longer time and if possible, from sustainable brands or choices. I try to make conscious choices that are also connected to my personal values.

In my role as Marketing Coordinator, I am also active in sharing my thoughts and Lindström’s perspectives on sustainability. I try to do my part to save our planet. I recently took part in a panel discussion about the future of the fashion industry and how sharing knowledge could contribute to the future of our planet. I’m happy that my work enables me to network with professionals who share my passion for creating a more sustainable world.

For me caring is sustainability and another way around. Every day, I do my best to be positive, because it is contagious – and I am persistent in topics that matter to me the most. I could not think of working in a company that has no sustainability in its heart. Sustainability is not always seen in actions, it’s a state of mind. I would fail on myself.

Oksana Skorbatjuk, Marketing Coordinator, Lindström Estonia |

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