Learning and leading

During my more than two decades with Lindström, I’ve had many opportunities to advance in my career. My wishes have been heard and, I’ve worked in several different departments in Finland, and also abroad at the Lindström UK office.

About two years ago I started in my newest adventure – to lead a cross-organizational, cross-functional community of experts. Leading such a community is much like leading a traditional team of experts in many ways, with one exception: the people are selected by their interest in the topic, rather than because of their role. My task as the lead is mainly about connecting the right people, ensuring that things get done on schedule, and monitoring that what gets done is in line with our Strategy 2025 topics.

My style as a leader has changed a lot during the years. Most importantly, I’ve realized that I don’t need to know everything; I have a bunch of intelligent and wise people around me. For me, leading is about caring for and supporting those on the team, discussing the topics, and making sure that everyone has a full understanding of the team’s work.

Taru Jokinen, Director, Service Management |

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