When the Russian company Laut Recycling opened its new plant in Kaliningrad, it needed new international partners to provide recyclable textiles for its industrial wipersThey first considered different channels for the collection of textile waste – both from individuals in Russia and from international corporate clientsUltimately, they determined that the most effective method was to focus on cooperation with specific corporate clients – and Lindström turned out to be a great fit. Company CEO Evgeniy Sadovskiy explains, “In the process of choosing partners it was important for us that they’re focused on a conscious consumption culture, sustainability, and environmental friendliness. Lindström fits these criteria perfectly. We are delighted to have a company like Lindström among our partner companies.”. 

We now provide Laut Recycling with about 67 tons of used textiles each year. Old textiles are sent from our service centers to their sorting center, where they are carefully categorized according to quality. Next, they’re transferred to the cutting workshop where all unnecessary parts (buttons, etc.) are removed with the help of special equipment, and then cut into handysized wipersLaut Recycling provides industrial wipers to a wide range of manufacturing facilities, from refineries to metallurgy. 

CEO Sadovskiy states, “Our global goal is to reduce the percentage of waste that we can’t recycle and must dispose of to 1% or even zero. We are confident this goal will be achieved in one to three years.”. 

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