I was grown up by my compassionate grandfather who taught me how to look at situations from others’ viewpoints, understand their emotions and feel empathy. To me, caring is understanding as well as empathizing with others and helping others to go through their problems. Therefore, at work, I offer help to my colleagues, keep our spirit up or do something nice such as give my colleagues some sweets or treats, get to know how their life is going on and ask about their hobbies, interests and passions outside the office also.

I have felt the warmness and welcome from Lindström since the first day I came to work. Everybody is friendly, helpful and always help me to learn and develop myself forward. I have learnt from them how to show the caring to other people.

We have four Lindström values, but in my opinion the value “long term customer relationships” is the most associated with We Care. It is the same as keeping long term relationships in real life, we have to understand and show that we care about others’ matters, share our emotions to each other and weather the storm together. When it comes to a problem, we face it and solve it, listen to each other and never give up.

Outside of working life, caring is to me sharing our lives’ stories and problems with my family and my friends.  We go through the pains and share the happiness together. We always give each other small gifts in our birthdays – and we meet every now and then to know how our lives are up to. We do some things together such as studying, doing exercises and cooking.


Phuong Tran, Accounts Payable Specialist |

Caring for myself means looking after my body, mind and soul. Caring for other means keeping love,  understanding their feelings and spending time generously for these special relationships. To me, life is about the people I meet and the things we create together.