Developing, shining and challenging myself is a part of my personal purpose. That is what I want to do. I believe that learning is a lifelong journey. To me, learning new things and developing myself is essential because it makes me incredibly happy.

I started my journey at Lindström as a Management Trainee in 2015. This possibility to combine work with my Master’s studies was a starting point where my story of shining and growing at Lindström began. Looking back at myself 5 years ago, I am definitely happy to see the professional and the person I have become.

What I have always liked at Lindström is the possibility to influence your own work and try out new tasks and roles. This is how I ended up developing Customer Experience, which is still my huge passion! Today my job is to support others with customer experience related tasks such as our Voice of Customer survey, for example. My next step is figuring out how to combine different sources of customer insight and design customer journeys for different customer segments. It surely sounds like an exciting challenge to me, and challenges definitely make me tick!

I’ve also grown personally

To me, succeeding and shining at work means sharing my excitement, motivation and positive energy with the others. My favorite task ever is communicating about the Customer Superhero awards to the winners – they are Lindströmers, who have received an outstanding amount of positive customer feedback. Nothing compares to seeing your colleagues happy and proud of their work!

Growing here in Lindström has also helped me to grow in my personal life. Once I started working at Lindström, I spoke very little Finnish, but was very extremely determined to get fluent. Both language courses provided by the company and immense amount of support from my colleagues helped me in reaching my goal. Speaking the local language is essential for a successful integration when moving abroad, and I am sure that being fluent in Finnish makes me happy and feeling at home here in Finland.

I like to challenge myself to shine and grow also my free time. I like trying out new things – such as scuba diving, picking up a new language, travelling to new places, sourdough baking, playing American football and disc golf… you name it! Some of these hobbies stay and some don’t, but I am 100% sure that the best way to know whether you like something or not is to try it out. I am very much looking forward to being able to travel again, because I think it teaches you to respect other cultures and makes you humble when you realize how big this world is.

Daria Stigman, Head Customer Insight and Strategy |

Challenges make me tick. This is what makes Customer Experience a true passion of mine, as it brings endless opportunities for problem-solving, development and generating new ideas. Customer Experience Development and Change Management go hand in hand, and I am always ready to jump into the unknown, try, learn and inspire others to follow.  I see my personal purpose in gaining mastery of dedication and character – by facing challenges with courage, being kind to others and never giving up.

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