In 2019, Lindström began to centralize its transactional finance operations globally in its head office. The aim of our Finance Forerunner project is to harmonize and digitalize the core finance processes and to ensure that the country finance professionals can serve the management team better.

This initiative has had a direct impact on my work. Previously, I was the chief accountant for Latvia, so working with accounts and payments filled my day. Now my daily tasks have been transformed from handling accounts and analyzing the numbers, to really looking beyond them and understanding what they mean. My task is to offer insight and guidance to the management team in ways that help them take the meaning of the data into account in their decision-making process.

Changing my role has been a challenge, but an exciting one. It has supported my growth as a finance professional while pushing me in a new direction. I’ve received a lot of support from my peers – even our CFO has given me guidance. Trusting in your own abilities while also being able to rely on the support of others is the key to learning new things.

Zane Alksne, Country Business Controller, Latvia |

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