Give a day a better flow

What does it take to make your day perfect? We believe that a perfect day happens when everything just flows smoothly without any extra effort. Both people and technology are required to make this perfect flow possible. 

During the past couple of years, Lindstrom has put a lot of effort into service digitalization with an aim of improving customer experience and sustainability at the same time. Our leading thought in digital development is to provide worry-free, need-based and even predictive service. Protecting the personal data of the users is always our starting point when designing new services. Adding technology to our products and co-creating together with customers and partners enables us to dream big and develop our services in a way that was impossible before. Our first digital services – FlowAbility Storage Solution and FlowAbility Washroom Solution – are already available.

“Storage Solution is actually a digitally enabled option for workwear sharing. Employee wellbeing is the priority – they will always have clean, safe and properly fitting clothes available. Shared use enables the efficient utilization of textiles meaning less waste. In today’s world, this is important to many of us,” says Marita Vuohensalo, who is responsible for FlowAbility Wear solutions at Lindström.


Communicating washrooms mean more meaningful work 

Perfect flow in one’s workday means that you don’t need to do unnecessary work tasks. FlowAbility Washroom makes the cleaners’ work more meaningful in shopping malls, airports, restaurants, and hospitals. A simple notification is sent when a cotton towel roll needs to be changed. Going one step forward, we can work even better in our laundries and delivery service too when only fully used cotton towel rolls are collected for washing. This will help us to save even more water and energy.

“Each year, people dry their hands with our cotton towel rolls 320 million times, and this actually saves Earth’s resources. Cotton towel rolls produce 95% less waste, require 48% less energy and have 29% lower global warming potential than virgin paper,” says Satu Haikarainen, who is responsible for developing site-related services at Lindstrom. My dream is that this data will help us to develop even more durable clothes with longer lifecycle.”

Fazer: A realtime view of the workwear usage

Fazer Bakery piloted FlowAbility Storage Solution with their 300 bakery employees in Vantaa, Finland. Hygiene expert Irina Aaltonen from Fazer summarizes:

“One of the most important things for us is to have a clear perspective of our workwear use. Through this pilot with Lindström, we have had a real-time view of the usage and circulation of our workwear. This gives us an understanding of the actual amounts of workwear we need in our bakery.

“Hygiene and food and product safety are extremely important to us. With Lindström we piloted a model in which we defined workwear models and amounts of garments for each employee group. This means that if an employee tries to access production facilities using inappropriate workwear, they cannot check materials out from the smart storage. “Gathered data also shows us how long our employees wear the same garments – a fact that is extremely important for maintaining hygiene.

“On a weekly basis, our contact persons have traditionally had to dedicate surprisingly long portions of time to workwear-related tasks. With the FlowAbility Storage Solution pilot we have managed to reduce this time by 1.5 days per week.”

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