We all have dreams. We here at Lindström have dreamed together about our future. When the world around us changes all the time, we have to utilize it for our benefit. This was the starting point for our Strategy 2025. Coming up with the Strategy 2025 has been on everyone’s minds, so what have we done so far? 

Lindström’s Strategy 2025 is a four-phase process. The process in a way is very simple. We dream. We research. We dive into opportunities. We create our vision. Our strategy is still being built, but from the beginning we had a few basic principles set: 

  1. We are going to do the whole process together. 
  2. We are creating our company’s future.  
  3. We are getting a great opportunity to learn. 

Everything started with Phase 1 in November 2018 with Dream Sessions. The question we wanted to ask our employees during these sessions was: where we want Lindström to be in 2030? Phase 2, starting in January 2019 was the time for Market Insight. We turned to our customers, the ones that we do our work for. We asked them about our image, about our identity. What is needed, what maybe needs to be solved and what are the future trends? We got crucial answers in order to continue with our strategy process.  

In March 2019, we started our Phase 3, the fascinating Deep Dives. During the dives, we discussed different growth segments with our employees and developed business cases. Defined and prioritized them. A lot of fruitful discussions were held, and insightful ideas were heard. The most attractive business cases from the Deep Dives will be chosen by our General Management Team during the summer. These selected cases will form the backbone of our service development during our Strategy 2025 period. 

The hours working on our strategy have been long, and people have really put effort and given their all. All this has been for a great cause and great results. I would like to thank everyone for their dedication and long hours for Strategy 2025, which a part can be seen from the video below. Without all of you, none of these huge steps could have been made. We still have great things to come when our strategy is narrated into a story in Phase 4. I look forward to the fall and our huge launch of the Strategy 2025.   


Best wishes, 

Juha Laurio, CEO |

Lindström purpose: We care for people and our planet by inspiring people to shine and business to grow in a sustainable way.” 

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