In the pharmaceutical industry, cleanliness is the key

High-level cleanliness is of utmost importance in the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, workwear used in production must also meet production safety standards, as even small particles, such as those transported with clothing, can spoil the finished product.

A pharmaceutical company in China, Sino-Swed, encountered some challenges, as their production capacity grew, in managing the cleanliness of work clothes in their own industrial laundry. We offered the company a solution to ensure that Sino-Swed’s work clothes are always at the cleanliness level required by the pharmaceutical industry. We pay attention to these stringent requirements at every stage of our work – from the choice of work clothes to making the garments and for their every wash cycle in our laundy. We also regularly provide a test report on the anti-static properties of textiles, which will help Sino-Swed demonstrate the cleanliness of workwear also in external audits.

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