The quality of workwear also ensures the quality of the products

Continental’s electronics factories in China Tianjin and Changchun employ 2,000 people in dozens of different departments. Previously each department was responsible for their own workwear and their purchases. Without common guidelines, the result was often confusion with models, colours and sizes, and the management of workwear was ineffective.

The biggest problem, however, was the quality of the workwear that had been used, which hampered the mill’s production. In the electronics industry, employees need to wear the right kind of electrically conductive workwear that protects the components to be manufactured from uncontrolled discharge of static electricity. The workwear used did not meet the requirements, which increases the risks in production quality.

We helped Continental to improve the quality of its operations by providing them with standard workwear that we properly service and test. This way, Continental can be sure that only high-quality workwear is used, which reduces the quality risks in production.

In addition to improved quality, the overall style of workwear has now been streamlined to Continental’s corporate image, which facilitates and enhances the management of workwear.

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