A coaching leadership plays an important role in our company’s renewal and cultural change

We are growing fast internationally every year. In order to succeed in growth and renewal, we must also internalize a new kind of business and leadership style.

Our goal is to make fewer decisions at headquarters, lead people more with a coaching leadership style and encourage employees to take responsibility themselves and to make decisions close to the customers.

The coaching supervisor does not give ready answers, but helps to find them!

In our new business culture, superiors are expected to lead in a more coaching manner. Instead of providing ready solutions, superiors help and encourage employees to find solutions by themselves. This strengthens our know-how and self-confidence in decision-making.

This year, we have developed our supervisors’ coaching leadership skills by organizing a total of 30 training sessions in both Europe and Asia. A total of 175 supervisors from 22 countries took part in these courses.

‘It is great to note that employee satisfaction and commitment have improved since we started to promote the cultural change 1.5 years ago! We now support and encourage one another more, and the authority to make independent decisions has inspired our employees. Respect and knowing that I am being cared for and trusted is the best way to engage the employees, ‘ says Minna Gentz, Senior Vice Presidnet, Human Resources.

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