Lindström opened a cleanroom laundry n St. Petersburg in November 2017 to provide services to the pharmaceutical industry in particular. The pharmaceutical industry is currently growing strongly in the Russian market. The Russian government supports growth through an initiative aimed at covering 50% of drug consumption with local production instead of the current 20%.

In Russia, the use of the clean room service among our pharmaceuticals customers has grown rapidly. The benefits are obvious: customers save on costs and reduce their environmental footprint when they no longer need to wear disposable work clothes to meet hygiene standards. Lindström’s Cleanroom Service is implemented in accordance with the ISO 14644 standard and Good Manufacturing Practise (GMP) requirements.

What is a Cleanroom service?

The Clean Room Service is a standardized workwear service to ensure that no out-of-place particles enter the customer’s production facilities that could endanger product safety. Demand for the service is growing especially in the electronics, food and pharmaceutical industries.

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