Lindström’s positive development continued in 2019

The Lindström Group’s turnover grew by 5.6%, resulting in EUR 408.5 million compared to the previous year (EUR 386.8 million). The turnover of the parent company was EUR 185.2 million.

“Even though our roots are here in Finland and date back over 170 years, today Lindström is an increasingly global company. We are a leading textile service company in Europe and in Asia, and build our success on the local operations on a country level. Our service offering varies from one country to another, but the key processes and principles stay the same, allowing us to focus on offering the best possible customer experience to our customers”, comments Lindström Group’s CEO Juha Laurio.

The international nature of Lindström is also evident among the 4,600 passionate employees, the company’s most valuable asset.

“The We Care culture is alive and well, and present in everything we do. To support our line managers, we’ve developed the We Care leadership trainings, which were continued also during 2019. Now more than 64% of our leaders have completed the training, ensuring that the common leadership principles and culture are executed throughout the company. Lindström is filled with passionate people who want to see us, and our customer succeed, and to develop the company, as witnessed by our strategy work”, highlights Laurio.


Strategy 2020 gives away for the new five-year period

“We’ve taken major leaps in digitalizing our services during the Strategy 2020 period. We began with a fast, experimental approach and developed our services as we went along. The primary goal for service development is clear: we want to make our customers’ lives easier. Now that our first digital solutions are running, we study the potential of further data-led services with great enthusiasm” adds Laurio.

In 2019, Lindström updated its strategy for the next five-year period. In Strategy 2025 sustainability has been raised as one of the key topics.

“The world is currently consumed with the corona pandemic and its impact on business, but it has also emphasized the importance of hygiene and cleanliness, which are an integral part of our services. The textile rental business model, based on the circular economy, which we’ve had for over a century, is now more modern than ever. We want to be the desired partner for our customers, to help them be more sustainable with our easy-to-use textile services“, concludes Laurio.

Lindström’s Sustainability Report 2019 and annual results were published today on the company’s website.


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Lindström Group

Lindström is a textile service company focused on making our customers’ lives easier in Europe and in Asia. With our 4,600 passionate employees, we offer sustainable and easy-to-use textile services that ensure safe and hygienic solutions for the best possible customer experience. In 2019, the turnover of the Lindström Group was 408 million euros.