Lindström to build the largest IoT network in Finland

Textile services company Lindström is investing in the construction of the largest IoT network in Finland. The investment is connected to the company’s new Washroom service that introduces intelligent sensor technology to restrooms. Lindström aims to construct a network that connects all of the company’s 100,000 cotton towel dispensers across Finland. The Oulu-based Haltian supplies the sensor technology for the IoT network, which is extensive even on the European scale.

“Our IoT network currently connects almost two thousand cotton towel dispensers. The first sensors have been installed for customers such as shopping centres, hospitals and industrial operators. Our objective for the coming years is to equip both our entire current stock of equipment and all new towel dispensers with smart technology. As funny as it sounds, our goal is to smarten up all the washrooms across Finland,” says Satu Haikarainen, in charge of the project at Lindström.

Smart solution with domestic expertise

Lindström has developed its IoT solution in cooperation with Oulu-based Haltian. The constructed network is based on the Thingsee IoT device platform by Haltian. The new IoT network is extensive even on the European scale. “As we understand it, there have been few IoT solutions of this scope within the B2B sector. We envision that once completed, the network will be by far the largest of its kind in Finland,” says Pasi Leipälä, CEO of Haltian.

The Lindström’s washroom service is already in use at locations such as the shopping centres Iso Omena in Espoo and Seppä in Jyväskylä. A sensor installed in the dispenser measures the usage of cotton towels in real time. If the dispenser is nearly out of towels, the cleaner receives a phone notification in time to replace the roll. Sensors can also be attached to toilet paper holders to expand the service to monitor their usage in real time.

“Our cotton towel dispensers are currently used to dry hands around 320 million times in Finland each year. Once all our dispensers are connected to the network, we will be able to collect a massive amount of data. Right now, the data we collect for our customers is related to the usage of towels, the replacement rates of rolls and the functionality of the dispensers, but our vision is to diversify the utilisation of the data to make everyday activities easier for our customers,” says Haikarainen.

Going global with the service

In the future, the aim is also to introduce the service to international markets. “We see tremendous potential for the service in several of our currently 24 countries of operation. It would be great to export more leading-edge Finnish know-how and technology globally,” says Haikarainen.

“It is fantastic to be working with a bold and pioneering company such as Lindström. Right now, the international IoT market is experiencing strong growth, and this extensive undertaking gives both us and Lindström an excellent starting point for a global conquest,” Leipälä states excitedly.


For further information, please contact:

Satu Haikarainen, Director, Service Concept, Lindström Oy, tel. + 358 40 514 5814,

Pasi Leipälä, CEO, Haltian Ltd, tel. +358 40 543 4579,



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