Workwear factory opened to Hungary

Lindström has opened a workwear factory Prodem Hungary Ltd in Kazincbarcika, Hungary. This is already the third own workwear factory for Lindström; the other Prodem factories are located in Latvia and India.

Prodem is a unique workwear manufacturing concept and means that workwear is produced only based on customer needs. This means better customer experience with faster deliveries. Own production also helps to fight against textile waste since the production is based on customer orders without stocking. Manufacturing only for the real need is also one way of reducing environmental impact. With the Prodem concept, the products are produced nearby the customer with minimized transportation and warehousing need.

Prodem Hungary was acquired by Lindström in April 2019 and the factory has been retrofitted in the past months, meaning that machines and tools were installed. In addition, more than 100 workers have been trained according to Lindström Prodem concept. Prodem Hungary primarily supports several Lindström countries with workwear production, including Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Romania.

Opening ceremony

Prodem Hungary opening ceremony was held officially 8th of January 2020. The honor guests were Juha Laurio, CEO of Lindström Group, Markku Virri, Finnish ambassador in Hungary and Péter Szitka, Mayor of Kazincbarcika. Peter Lengyel, Managing Director of Prodem Hungary held a guided tour in the factory and praised the employees, suppliers, and contractors for the hard work done over the past period.


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Péter Lengyel, Managing Director of Prodem Hungary



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