Sleeping Pouch – Key to better dreams

We are very excited to share the launch of our newest offering – The sleeping Pouch. The sleeping pouch is primarily designed for kids in kindergarten. This product has been developed by collaborating closely with our customers. The pouch combines a sheet, a light duvet and a pillowcase minimising linen items that need to be managed by daycare workers.

Making it easy

Ensuring precious sleep and rest times during busy days is important for growing children. The pouch is a perfect nestling and safe place to nurture good sleep routines. 

It also brings a big relief for the kindergarten employees by cutting short the tiresome drills of changing bed linens and managing dirty laundry by half. The pouches make the process of preparing the beds easy, quick and ergonomic. 

“It is very exciting to launch a new responsible product for our daycare customers. The idea came from the customer, and the entire development project was carried out together with the customers, constantly experimenting and improving, ”says Terhi Hasila, Lindström’s Service Owner. Sleeping pouches can ease up the kindergarten employees’ day jobs to give them extra time and energy to spend with kids. 

Sleeping Pouch as a rental Service

Sleeping pouches are available as a rental service from Lindström. This means that kindergartens do not have to take care of washing, drying or folding the pouches themselves. The sleeping pouch is also a responsible choice. It is made of durable material and laundered in a manner that saves water and energy. In addition, when the life cycle of a sleeping pouch comes to an end, it is recycled responsibly.  

 “Our flexible rental service according to the customer’s needs, ensures that the right number of clean and hygienic sleeping bags are always available in the daycare, allowing for more time for the carers to spend with children,” says Hasila.

The sleeping pouch has been co-created with the customers, piloted, and launched successfully in the Finnish market


Everyone deserves a great sleep and especially our little ones. Would you like to dig deeper into this service?

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