On behalf of the whole Lindström Group, I would like to thank over 6000 customers, who invested their time and expressed their commitment to Lindström by answering to our annual customer survey in April 2019.

Our customers indicated that their top priorities are:

  1. Products and service development based on their needs
  2. Trust that Lindström does everything as agreed
  3. Excellent service attitude from Lindström’s personnel

Based on 2019 survey results the Overall Customer Experience grade is 3.82 / 5 (4.00 in 2018) and Net Promoter Score (NPS) is 26 (30 in 2018) for the whole Lindström Group. We take these results very seriously due to the significant drop compared to last year’s results.

Even though we are pleased to see that in some countries our performance has improved and is on the desired level, there is for sure room for improvement in all markets. Therefore, we will analyze every country’s results in detail and conduct our actions accordingly to improve customer satisfaction further. It is not enough for us just to beat the industry average on customer satisfaction. At the end of the day, our vision is to be the best service company!

Excellent customer experience cannot be achieved without engaged employees. I am extremely proud that aspects of co-operation related to Lindströmers have received the highest rates from our customers:

  1. It is easy to be in touch with Lindström’s employees
  2. I feel that Lindström’s employees listen to me
  3. Lindström’s employees have an excellent service attitude

In order to measure real-time customer experience from critical customer touchpoints with relevant questions, we have introduced the Voice of Customer feedback gathering program. We are therefore happy to announce that we are on our way to build a better Lindström with our customers and for our customers. Giving us feedback takes from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. We promise to treat customer feedback responsibly and process it continuously.

I believe that Lindström’s forthcoming Strategy 2025 will certainly show us even more ways to improve our customer happiness and to become the best service company! ​

Best wishes,
Juha Laurio
CEO, Lindström Group