Cleanroom service – helping you to run your processes safely

In highly controlled production conditions, people are the most common source for contaminations.

Our cleanroom service ensures hygienic production facilities. We provide cleanroom workwear which will prevent harmful contaminations in your processes and in this way ensure the safety of your products.

Our service is always tailored according to your needs and hygiene requirements. Today, we serve hundreds of cleanroom customers from many different sectors such as automotive, food and pharma.

Our cleanroom services operate according to ISO 14644 and adhere to GMP procedures.

Benefits of our service

We deliver workwear for your employees at agreed intervals. The volume of workwear is dimensional to your needs so there is no shortage.

You do not need to tie up capital of the company and personnel resources in workwear acquisition, maintenance and storage.

We guarantee you workwear that are free from dust, viable organism or particles. Therefore helping you to run your business smoothly and safety.

We want to develop our service together with you. The goal is to find even better ways to operate which will support your business growth and increase satisfaction of your employees and customers.

Protecting the employee

Safe and functional workwear protects the employee against the hazards of work. Standards of different fields have been observed in the design of our workwear.

Protecting the work

In the food processing industry, pharmaceutical industry and the health care field in particular, hygienic workwear and the protection of the work to be done are vital.

Recognisability of the employees

Workwear also communicates about the profession and helps to identify the employee.

This is how our service works